How we work
In order for us to provide you with a rendering that best suits your needs, we have developed a process that identifies your criterions, matches your objectives with our professional services, and ensures timely delivery of high quality work. 
- Initial Meeting
We meet with you to discuss your needs and the best way to show off your project. Whether you are working from sketches, reference photographs or CAD plans, we have a solution for you. This is also a good time to let us know how the rendering will be used and if it should have a particular proportion.
- Prepare proposal
We will send you our proposal to confirm the scope of the work discussed and our delivery date. Return a signed copy along with the customary 50% retainer to start work.
- Gather materials, drawings and relevant information
You provide us the CAD drawings, photographs, materials, paint chips, and/or any information you feel is relevant. We may go and get site photos or other useful materials.
- 3D view selection (when applicable)
A 3D virtual model will be built and several views presented to you for the final rendering view selection. This is also a good time to make sure that we interpreted the architecture accurately.
- Rendering phase
At this point, we start the creation of your rendering. Materials are applied along with lights, reflections, bounce lighting, shading and shadowing. This is when the rendering comes to life.
- 90% completion preview
We will email you a preview of the rendering for your comments and suggestions. This is a chance to adjust coloration, decide whether or not to add people, trees, or other contextual elements.
- Final preview
Just to make sure that you are 100% satisfied, we will email you one final preview for your blessing before preparing the final files and match print.
- Delivery package
The final rendering is saved to CD in a variety of formats suitable for signage, printwork, web marketing as well as MLS web postings. Custom output requirements are usually accomodated.