Who we are
Serving the Real Estate community since 1981, we offer a wide range of services to meet your visual and marketing needs. Realtors benefit from enhancing photos of existing property, while superimposing a proposed remodel can help seal the deal for a construction company. Architects and Design-Build companies can clearly communicate their vision to clients, investors and bankers. Our varied techniques and expertise allows us to provide a custom solution to suit your needs.
A different approach
In the early eightys, before the advant of the computer, the most photorealistic renderings were painted with Designer’s Gouach on illustration board. The process involved broad layering of paint, followed by the overlay of more and more detail. Although this was meticulous and very time consuming work, the renderings were the ultimate in trompe l'oeil along with warmth and life, while the interaction of materials were expressed based upon the experience of the artist and the references he uses. Today, most rendering companies simply push “the render button” and rely on the computer to calculate coloration. Our approach has remained true to the original gouach techniques, but are now applied with electronic “paint”. The blend offers an old world feel with greater detail, convenience and flexibility. The ability to modify the colors of the painting, or even try several material schemes would have being impossible in the traditional media.  
New techniques
Following the same concept, we developed a proprietary Digital Watercolor technique that would capture the softness and feel of the traditional style, and a Digital Pen and Ink technique that is quick and effective, perfect for your working drawings coversheet.